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… a partnership that helps you unlock your natural healing potential…

Chinese Medicine defines acupuncture points as caves that we choose to enter for meditation. The ways in which we are able to enter these caves is not limited to acupuncture needles alone.  Intention can bring us into the cave of health and healing. Intention itself is the medicine that carries us across the threshold of habitual life busyness and into our sacred and ever-renewing body. In our sessions, we will explore different ways in which you can intentionally come back home to your body, and to understand what is needed for you to experience your highest aspiration of Vitality and Health.

To connect with Health and Vitality, we will call upon one or more of the Four Pillars of Chinese Medicine:

Self-Cultivation: A deep inquiry into the ways in which your True Self shows and reveals itself in your daily experience of life.

Qi Gong, or Meditative Movements, that allow you to connect deeply with your Essence, and the Essential Nature of all beings that surround you.

Acupuncture Points: Caves of Awareness populated by mindfulness bells that remind you of what is Real and True at the very core of your Being.

Herbal Medicine and Nutrition: Powerful Allies that will inform you of adjustments that you may need to make in order to feel Nourished and be of Nourishment.

Looking forward to meeting with you soon.

Yamin Chehin L.Ac, Dipl.O.M

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