The Little Eight Treasures is the short form of the longer Eight Treasures Qigong form transmitted by the Ni Family.  The Eight Treasures is comprised of 32 movements arranged in 8 sections.  The Little Eight Treasures is comprised of 1 movement from each of the 8 sections.

These movements combine toning and strengthening, stretching and breathing techniques for the purpose of maintaining health and preventing disease.  The Eight Treasures is based on the natural motion of the planets and stars as well as on the simplicity and power of Mother Nature.  As our bodies are a small model of Nature, by focusing on maintaining a smooth flow of Qi in our bodies, our small universe can begin to attune to the greater rhythms of the Universe, thus creating health.

Practice Guidelines

  • First and foremost, trust your body.  You do not need to push yourself to perform….be gentle with your own universe.
  • This Form can be practiced any time of the day, though the ideal practice time is sunrise and sunset (5 to 7 am and pm).  It is best to face the sun during practice i.e. east in the morning and west in the afternoon.
  • Outdoor practice is preferred to indoors, especially if you are surrounded by plants and trees.  If indoor practice is your choice, be sure that the air is fresh and flowing.  Always follow your intuition, no need to force yourself to practice outdoors if you feel like staying inside!
  • It is preferred to practice on or close to the earth rather in a high-rise apt.
  • It is generally not as suitable to practice this form right before bedtime, especially the first four treasures.  The seventh and Eight Treasures can be helpful for insomnia (especially so when you practice the long form).
  • Avoid practicing in the following situations:

Damp or cold areas

Polluted areas

In disturbing weather conditions such as thunder, hurricane and storms

When emotionally disturbed

A half an hour before and after meals

During heavy menstrual flow

When exhausted or particularly unwell as you need energy to perform movements

We recommend avoiding practicing after using alcohol, drugs, tobacco or stimulants.

You may want to avoid sitting down immediately after practice.  It is more beneficial to take a walk afterwards.

  • Repetitions can be done with each movement.  3, 7 or 9 repetitions are preferred in one’s practice.
  • Perform the movements without strain and pain.  There are times where some strengthening and stretching are necessary, but one should never force it so as to be uncomfortable or painful.
  • It is more beneficial to perform the movements slowly so you can sense the energy flow of each movement.  In all circumstances, listen to your body…you may find that at certain times you need to speed up and that is ok too!  Always remember to use gentle strength rather than brute force.

The Little Eight Treasures Videos and Handouts

Consistent practice is important to enjoy the benefits of the Eight Treasures.  The ideal amount of practice is 3 times or more in a week. You can download the Little Eight handout with detailed explanations of each movement and or watch de videos below and follow the sequence in the silence of Colorado’s Aspen forest.

The Little Eight Treasures meridian activation and warm up

Video recording by Alexei Kaleina. Music by Alec Bridges.

The Little Eight Treasures sequence (front view)

Video recording by Alexei Kaleina. Music by Alec Bridges.

The Little Eight Treasures sequence (rear view)

Video recording by Alexei Kaleina. Music by Alec Bridges.

A big thank you to Colin Hudon with Living Tea for making these video recordings possible!

Enjoy practice!

Yamin Chehin L.Ac; Dipl O.M