I teach online and face to face Qi Gong classes for beginners and advanced students. One-on-one sessions are live and interactive. Group classes are only recorded. After you register, please remember to sign the “release of liability” form.

Recorded Sessions

Eight Treasures (part 1)

Prerequisites: none

Eight Treasures (part2)

Prerequisites: I recommend that you spend some time with the first Four of the Eight Treasures.

Cost: I appreciate donations and will not turn down anyone who cannot offer the gift of money at the moment. Your presence and commitment to the practice is enough!

One-on-One Qi Gong sessions. 1hr 30′

During these sessions I will follow your movements while you practice so we can discover possible habitual movement patterns that may interfere with the ways in which Qi is intended to flow in your body during your Qi Gong practice.

Package of 8 sessions….. $850

Single session………………$150

Payments: through Venmo, Zelle (310-280-0438) or by check payable to Healing Cycles and mailed to 6344 Lorca Dr. San Diego, Ca 92115.

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