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Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of self cultivation specifically developed as a tool that allows us to take full personal responsibility for our health and vitality.

It is when we find ourselves in peaceful alignment that we can feel and connect with all manifestations (human and non-human) that arise from the Natural World. By aligning Breath, Posture and State of Mind, the practitioner learns how to remember their connection with the Stars, the Earth and the marriage of these two within their body.

The practice of Qi Gong offers the opportunity to experience a healthier balance just by becoming aware of the integrated and interconnected nature of our body and mind. You will need no technical devices to create an awareness of the life force or vital-energy (QI) that is constantly flowing through and around you.

This Energy Cultivation involves the meridian system as used in acupuncture and it emphasizes the importance of adding concentration and breathing techniques to physical movements. When these dimensions are added, the benefits of the practice increase exponentially.

I also use the Alexander Technique to help you re-organize your body for better postural integrity so as to refine, potentate and re-discover how each part of your body is engaged in every movement.

Through Postural Awareness as the bottom line of the physical aspect of our Qi Gong practice, you will develop the skill to become aware of and assess the structural imbalances that may interfere with the natural flow of your Vital Energy. Bear in mind that “blocked Qi” is, most of the time, the main cause of many health imbalances.

There are many Chi Kung styles and all of them have three things in common: they involve

~ becoming aware of the way you use your body to move around,

~ becoming aware of your breath, and

~ Concentration or a focused mind.

Some practices increase the Chi; others circulate it, use it to cleanse and heal the body, store it, or emit Chi to help heal others.
Practices vary from the soft internal styles such as Tai Chi; to the external, vigorous styles such as Kung Fu.

However, the slow gentle movements of most Qigong forms can easily be adapted, even for the physically challenged and can be practiced by all age groups.

I practice a Qi Gong form called “The Eight Treasures” transmitted by the Ni Family, the 38th generation of a linage of healers.

Qi Gong is one of the most cost-effective self-healing methods. The only investment needed is your determination to practice during a half-hour to an hour each day; the dividends of better health, increased vitality, peaceful alertness and joy accrue daily and are cumulative.

To register for Qi Gong classes, please follow this link

3 thoughts on “Qi Gong

  1. Dear Yamin Chehin,

    My dear friend Diane Katz told me of you and of your Saturday classes. I have been practicing qigong through Ming Tong in the Bay area, on line etc. and a few workshops with him and his senior teachers.I was excited to be more local with a teacher; my prior teacher is moving up north. However, having checked my calendar for the next month, I am tied up 3 Saturdays in a row! So that class does not work. I would like for you to put me on your email list, so you could notify me of when your next Saturday classes rotation will begin again. My email is pbt9@aol.com.

    I would also like to contact you to have an individual session with you sometime in the near future. So I will contact you by phone to set that up.

    I look forward to meeting you. Diane says you practice with a Thich Nhat Hanh group. He is my root teacher, and I was twice for long study periods with him in Plum Village, and I had a TNH sangha at my house for 12 years. So we have him in common.

    I will call you soon, and please do put me on your list.
    Bows to you,
    Penelope Thompson

    1. Dear Penelope,

      Thank you for contacting me. I am happy to hear that we are both part of Thay’s Sangha. What a pleasure!
      Would you like to join me for the soon to come Jade Woman Chi Kung form on Tuesday evenings? You can follow this link for more info. I will also keep you posted about next cycle of Chi sessions at Yo San University.

      Have a peaceful day!

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