“You can’t tell a person what to do, because the thing you have to do is a sensation”

F.M. Alexander

Over the years in my clinical practice, I have found that moscoloskeletal imbalances and recurring injuries are usually rooted in postural misalignment and unchecked habitual patterns of movement.   The awareness of the ways in which energy flows in your body that you have gained during our acupuncture sessions can be greatly enhanced by a number of therapies including:

  • Postural realignment techniques

  • Chi Kung movements

  • Stretching

  • Ball massage and

  • Whichever other practice may emerge at the time of our meeting.

Some of the benefits of these sessions are:

~ More free and comfortable movement,

~ Relief from strain, chronic pain, and excess tension,

~ Improved posture and alignment,

~ Easier and healthier breathing,

~ Increased vitality and strength,

and most importantly, the development of skills that can help you transform habits that interfere with your definition of optimal Health.

Looking forward!

Yamin Chehin L.Ac



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