For centuries,  Cupping has  been practiced throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa.   The basic idea behind cupping therapy is to place glass cups or silicone cups on your skin to create a vacuum, so the blood is drawn to the surface  in specific parts of the body that need healing.  At Healing Cycles, I use Fire cupping, a type of therapy in which the glass cup  set on fire using a flammable substance such as alcohol or herbs. The fire begins to go out as I place the  cup on the surface of the patient’s skin.  As the therapy cup cools, it creates a vacuum or suction. The skin will rise into the glass cup and will begin to redden. Typically, I will leave the cup in place for about ten minutes.  

I also practice “massage cupping” therapy in which I move the cups around and glide them across your skin.  In massage cupping therapy, the muscles are tended to with the application of pressure. Negative pressure is better to help with pain management than tissue compression.  With the cupping therapy method, the skin, tissue, and muscles are instead pulled upwards to enhance circulation and provide pain management. 

Benefits of cupping:

  • Assists in detoxification
  • Pain management
  • Assists in dealing with lung conditions such as the common cold and in some cases temporary relief of asthma.
  • Helps to reduce cellulitis
  • Helps with constipation

Thank you for your interest. Contact me if you have further questions!

In Health,

Yamin Chehin L.Ac, Dipl O.M