The CHI Health Institute is the official non-profit organization that certifies the following Ni Family movement arts:

Eight Treasures Qi Gong

     -Level 1 Eight Little Treasures

     -Level 2 Eight Treasures 1 – 4

     -Level 3 Eight Treasures Levels 5 – 8

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Instructor in one or more of the Ni Family movements, just follow these six steps under my guidance or the guidance of another Senior Instructor in the Eight Treasures.

1. Learn the form. Let me know when you feel ready to become certified in any of the above Eight Treasures levels so I can mentor you through the Certification process. It is advisable at this time to start the ‘Introduction to Spiritual Self-Development Course Part 1,” as it can take 6-8 weeks or more to complete. (See #3 below)

2. Refine the Form Some of the Long Forms you should practice for a year or more. Some of the Short Forms have less practice requirements. Let me know which level you are interested in and I will give you more detals.

3. Successfully Complete the “Introduction to Spiritual Self-Development Course, Part I, The Integral Way of Life,”  (you only have to take Part I) Click on the link to the online registration pageThe College of Tao home study programs   This course is waived for YSU students who have passed Fundamentals of Taoism course.

4. Sign up for the Package of Eight sessions.

5. Pass the Practical Exam. You must teach a course to a Senior Instructor, One-On-One (In-Person or Online.)  Cost: $50. payable to Senior Instructor, (current YSU students pay $35.)

6. Complete the Application & Pay Fees                                

A.) New Application Fee, $85. Every time you apply for a new Chi Health Movement Form or Meditation Certification you have to pay this application fee. 

B.) To maintain your Certification/s you must pay the Annual Chi Health Certification Renewal fee, which is $95. or $8. per month. The first year may be less because it is prorated and based on the date of your Certification. Current Yo San students pay an annual renewal fee of $70.

For more information please contact the College of Tao

Looking forward to practicing toward your certification!

Yamin Chehin, L.Ac Dipl O.M

Senior Eight Treasures Qi Gong Instructor