One-on-One sessions will allow me to see you while you practice so we can discover possible habitual movement patterns that may interfere with the ways in which Qi is intended to flow in your body during your Qi Gong practice.

We will also use postural awareness techniques to address structural imbalances, like back and neck pain, that may limit your full range of motion.

You will be able to record all sessions so you can practice on your own until the time we meet.

What you need:

  1. Privacy.
  2. A well ventilated room.
  3. Comfortable clothes.
  4. Internet connection. You will need to download the Zoom app.

You can follow this link to register or call me at 310-280-0438.

Looking forward to exploring Qi together!

Yamin Chehin. L.Ac; Dipl. O.M