Dear Clients,

Supplements and vitamins are good allies for our well being.  However, certain supplements might not agree with your body or they may interact with medications, herbs or other supplements that you are already taking.  Sometimes it is difficult to find reliable sources for nutritional supplements.  I suggest that you visit the below sites:

Natural Nutrient database: is a comprehensive database that ranks common foods by nutrient content. is an independent unbiased source on nutrition and supplements. offers independent, consumer oriented rankings of major supplements by brand

I normally recommend products from the below two companies.  You will need my practitioner code to place online orders.

Metagenics.  Practitioner code: healingcycles

Designs for Health.  Practitioner code: YAMINCHEHIN

Please, remember to keep me updated on products that you order without me knowing; that way we do not give confusing messages to your biochemistry.

Have a wonderful day!

Yamin L.Ac, D.OM