“In a Gift Economy, gifts are not free. The essence of the gift is that it creates a set of relationships. The currency of a gift economy is at its roots, reciprocity

Robin Wall Kimmerer

In my almost twenty years cultivation of the practice of The Eight Treasures I have come to understand in my body the nature of gifts. For me, the harnessing of Cosmic and Earthly energies is not an “extraction” of subtle energy but rather a receiving of gifts that only finds completion and reciprocity when I share them with humans and other than humans.

Qi Gong is a gift from the Earth, the Stars and our Earthling ancestors. May you accept this offering with an open Heart and may you remain awake to the many opportunities that will invite you to reciprocate the Gift.

If you have the means to make a financial contribution In the spirit of reciprocity we require a contribution of your choosing for this offering. Our suggested donation is $35 – $45, however it’s up to you to decide the amount that is comfortable for you at this time.

You can make your contribution via Venmo, Zelle (310-280-0438) or by check payable to Healing Cycles and mailed to 6344 Lorca Dr. San Diego, Ca 92115.

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Looking forward!

Yamin Chehin