This month, around June 20th to June 23rd our natural world experiences a cyclic energetic shift: the Sumner Solstice, a time for us to embrace the invitation to feel and pay attention to connection and  intimacy with ourselves, with Nature and with other  beings. I suggest that you take a moment to feel your Heart pouring sunshine towards each little cell in your body, bringing nourishment and consciousness to the darkest corners of your inner Land.  Connect with the roots at the very core of you and from there witness your Inner Sun expand in creative outward activity towards maturity.

Tips for a healthy summer

~ To be in harmony with the atmosphere of summer rise early, face the Sun and connect with its pure Yang Energy. This Spiritual Harmonization with the Sun  will help you set the tone for the day.

~Invite the Sun in: Root down to connect with Mother Earth and invite the Sun to visit the shrine of your Heart by breathing in through your nose and breathing out through your mouth. Feel the healing energy of the bright star flooding your lungs with millions of vibrating particles that activate your body as they flow through your veins, your organs, your bones, your flesh and particularly as they fill your Heart with radiance…Allow for the Heavenly energy of the Sun and the stars to bring inspiration and strength to the Oneness and Wholesomeness that you embody. 

~Adjust your diet to meet Summer in your best health : these simple guidelines will help you navigate the warmest months of the year.

~Brush your skin! Create your own inexpensive spa at home. Skin brushing will enhance circulation and stimulate a healthy  immune system. You will only need a loofah to enjoy these revitalizing and simple skin-dry-brushing tips.

~ Enjoy some outdoors life! Early morning and late afternoon Sun can be quite enjoyable!  Swimming, cycling, walking are simple but powerful ways to keep our summer CHI healthy and moving! You can also explore the Little Eight Treasures Qi Gong form, my favorite morning Chi practice.

Remember to take electrolytes with you since dehydration is one of the main causes for ER visits!

~ MeditationI find sitting and walking meditation to be very helpful tools to focus my awareness towards those things that nourish my Heart versus those that deplete my energy.  This Sun Meditation will help you connect with Fire within.

The Best of Tips: follow your intuition. Our ancestors, the Trees, speak through our genes to let us know about the most appropriate ways to live a joyful, healthy and reciprocal Summer!!! 

For a centered and balanced Heart!

Yamin Chehin, L.Ac, D.OM.