“Deep down inside of me, I have a fire going on.  Part of me wants to sing about the Light. Part of me, wants to cry, cry, cry”

Adele Getty

As a  reflection and manifestation of Nature, we too embody the Fire element.  Today we will explore the “Fire” within.
Let’s start by focusing your attention on your heart area. Breathe a little deeper than normal, in for 5 or 6 seconds and out 5 or 6 seconds. You may find that placing your hands over your heart or around your ribs helps you maintain your focus.  Now imagine while breathing that you’re doing it through your heart. Picture yourself slowly breathing in and slowly breathing out through your heart area…
The more spacious you feel in your chest the more likely you will be able to visualize a  flame around the area of your Heart space.  Once you connect with that flame, observe its intensity:

  • Does it feel like a steady source of Light?
  • Is it a steady source of warmth?
  • Is it a big, bright fire?
  • Is it a scorching fire?
  • Is the flame so small that it feels cold in your Heart space?
  • Is it so hot in your chest that you feel like you need to scape to get some air?
  • Does the flame in your chest look or feel repressed, suppressed?
  • Does the fire in your chest feel suffocated?
  • Are there  “ashes” piling up at the bottom of your Fire?
  • Who/what clears the accumulating ashes?…
Stay with your Fire for as long as you need, watching it move as the wind of emotions circulate throughout your Land.  Stay present to the Fire Within, if possible with little or no judgment.  Criticism can very effectively dampen your flame…


In healthy and steady Fire breath,

Yamin Chehin, L.Ac, D.OM.