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In these workshops,  we explore the challenges as well as gifts for the modern-day women. By understanding our bodies we can create harmony and balance within and with others, our families, friends and partners. All workshops include Chi Kung sequences specifically catered to women’s health.

If you are a member of an organization interested in offering one or the series of 4 workshops, please fill out the form below or call me at 310-280-0438.

Skin Care…Soul Care Workshop

Throughout  history,  human  beings  have  found  creative  ways  to  partner  up  with  Mother  Earth  so  as  to  create  fragrant,  exquisite  and  healthy  potions that  not  only  nourish  and beautify  our  bodies,  but  also  Nature’s  body  as  well.This  workshop  is  a  reminder  of  our  ancient  wisdom  and   herbs  we  can  gather  from  our  backyard  to  make  our  own  lotions,  lip  balms,  salves,  ointments  and  tinctures at  almost  no  cost  to  our  pockets  and,   most  importantly,  respecting  our  health  and  the  health  of  our  planet.

Some  of  the  topics  we  will  be  exploring  during  the  workshop  are  Traditional Chinese  Medicine  and  Western  perspectives  on  the  skin,  inside-­out   commercial  skin  care  products,  how  to  use  the  cosmetic  data  base,  natural  and  homemade  skin  care  products,  dietary  adjustments  for  a  healthier   skin,  aromatherapy  (essential and carrier  oils),  best  choices  for  different  skin  types  and  beautifying  facial  massage  as  a  Chi  Kung  practice Homemade  recipes  include  body  lotions  (we  will  make  our  own  during  this  workshop),  facial  creams,  lip  balm  ,  remedies  for  acne,  blemishes,   and  cold  sores.

The Wisdom of our Menstrual Cycles

Our  bodies,  as  a  small  model  of  Nature,  reflect  the  powerful  cycles  of  mother  Earth  and  the  Moon  -­‐  the  growing  of  the  egg  (spring/crescent   moon),  the  ripening  of  the  egg  or  ovulation  (summer/full  moon),  the  decay  of  the  unfertilized  egg  (fall/waning  moon) and  menstruation  (winter/ new  Moon).

In  this  workshop,  we  will  explore  the  very  many  opportunists  that  each  phase  of  our  cycle  gives  us  to  create  and  re-­‐create  our  inner  and  outer   worlds.  We  will  also  learn  about  home-­‐made  recipes,  nutritional  adjustments,  specific  movements  and  acupressure  points  to  address  pre-­‐ menstrual  tension/symptoms  (PMS),  breast  tension,  acne,  bloating,  fertility  imbalances,  irregular  cycles,  hormonal  challenges,  uterine  fibroids,  and   endometriosis.

Breast  Wisdom  

Breasts  are  the  physical  metaphor  for  receiving  and  giving  nourishment,  both  in  the  form  of  food  and  care  for  ourselves  and  others.  What  kind(s)   of  nourishment  do  we  provide  our  breasts  with  in  our  daily  lives?

 In  this  workshop,  we  will  explore  how  our  monthly  hormonal  changes  affect  our   breasts,  how  supplements,  dietary  adjustments  and  the  adequate  use  of  bras  may  diminish  breast  pain  and  discomfort,  easy  homemade  recipes  to   care  for  our  breasts,  ideas  on  how  to  approach  fibrocystic  breast  imbalances,  the  impact  of  breast  implants  on  our  physical  and  emotional  health,   breast-­‐self  massage  and  self  exam,  breast  health  during fertile  years,  peri-­‐menopause  and  menopause,  diet  and  lifestyle  changes  for  breast  health.

Peri-menopause and Menopause

Like adolescence, we do not enter menopause form one day to the other! It takes between five to 10 years for our bodies to “remodel” so as to get ready for a new and more confident voice –a “Second Spring”.
Menopause has the potential to become a true gift of Nature, especially when we learn to listen to the messages of our hormones which prompt us to redefine the landscape of our emotional and physical health.
During this time together we will explore:

  •  Anatomy and physiology of our Body and our Emotions during this cycle in our lives.
  • Foods and supplements to support the change and ease hot-surges (also known as hot flashes), sleep imbalances, irregularities in the menstrual bleeding, body weight fluctuations, increased PMS and increased sensitivities to food.
  • The pros and cons of Hormone replacement.
  • Natural ways to protect your Brain, Heart, Breasts and Bones.
  • The surge of Eros during peri and menopause.


Looking forward to our time together!

Yamin Chehin L.Ac; Dipl O.M

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