Your Body-Mind detox experience

In our industrialized world, we produce more and more toxic compounds that find their way in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat and what we put on our skin.
Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing stored substances (called toxins) that can be harmful to our health such as:

Environmental Toxins found in:
~ Foods, beverages, nutritional supplements
~ Air
~ Cosmetics
~ Dental amalgams

Internal toxins such as:
~ Fats, especially oxidized fats and cholesterol
~ Free radicals, and
~ Other irritating molecules that may come from poor digestion, colon sluggishness and poor elimination (from the skin and kidneys)
~ Stress (both mental and physical)

Over the years we can reach what is called Total Toxin Overload or Body Burden which is a consequence of a slow toxic build up in fat, joints, the brain and various other tissues, potentially leading to a variety of health issues.

Detox program

Nutritional Support
Our program provides simple, yet effective, dietary guidelines in combination with a complete and nutritionally balanced beverage. This beverage contains a blend of the essential food components and nutrients that support balanced detoxification activities. We also provide you with supplements for Liver detoxification and Cleansing.

You will also get a detailed evaluation of the active ingredients of every skin product that you are wearing at the moment through Skin Deep, a non-profit organization that created an online cosmetic database for you to choose the safest “food” for your skin.

If we suspect metal toxicity, we will perform a hair tissue mineral analysis and, if positive, we will recommend a specific diet for heavy metal removal.


The ancient Chinese physicians believed strongly that “a superior healer is one who treats a disease before it shows symptoms, while an inferior one treats a disease only after it has manifested pain or discomfort,” (Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor, 100 B.C.). They proposed that prevention should be our primary focus for health rather than the treatment of a disease. Acupuncture was first developed and used as a preventative form of treatment.

Our bodies have subtle ways to alert us of unbalanced states way before symptoms manifest.  With the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis, we can “listen” to your body’s wisdom through your pulse, your tongue and pressure points, especially on your tummy.  Based on the feedback that I get from your body, I will use “connections” or acupuncture points that will help your system transform and excrete those substances that are no longer aligned with your health and well-being.

Acupuncture treatments can also help you understand in your body how you cope with stress and cravings allowing you to create a momentary “pause” in what looks like your normal flow and redirect the energy spent on  feeding toxic states  towards the areas in your body that need repair and or nourishment.

Detox Sounds

Based on Chinese medicinal principles, this sitting qigong involves simple arm movements synchronized with the breath and meditation to relieve stress, cool the inner organs, and cultivate tranquility, helping us to detoxify the body and mind.

Other recommendations to follow while you are on Detox:

~ Lymphatic drainage

~ Far-Infrared Sauna

 Detox Format

You can choose to follow a 14-day, 21-day or 28-day Detox program.  We will discuss which one will be appropriate for your present needs.

For Plan Options and Fee Schedule please follow this link.

Thank You!

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