For some time, you and I have been promoting our mutual health and well-being through the practice of Alchemical Acupuncture. Many of you have kindly requested that I make available some of the formative insights upon which I base much of what we discuss in our private sessions. It is in response to these requests that I am now offering seasonal messages, exercises and practices via daily emails. The plan is to send participating clients one inspirational and practical message each day for 30 days of each season.
In Chinese Medicine, Summer corresponds to Fire which is the element of the Heart; it is from this space that I have decided to gift these 30-day emails to  anyone who feels called to explore Summer within and in relation to Others. Please register below, emails will start on July 4th.

If you would like to make a gift in exchange for this summer exploration, consider making a donation to these organizations that I hold very close to my Heart or choose any other that calls your Heart:

Project Rebound: is a special admissions and support program to the California State University system for students transitioning out of prison. It has a proven model to promote restorative justice, reduce recidivism, and empower individuals through higher education.

Wolf Connection: is a unique educational Wolf sanctuary and wilderness retreat center that brings people together through direct relationship with rescued wolves for the purpose of empowering the next generation to become authentic leaders and stewards of the earth. 

Tree Sisters, is an organization that shows its profound love for Gaia through planting trees all over the world.  Its goal is to reforest the tropics within the next 10 years to help reverse climate change.

Thank you and looking forward!

Yamin L.Ac; Dpl. O.M