TreeSisters Journey to a Billion Trees from TreeSisters on Vimeo.

For some time, you and I have been promoting our mutual health and well-being through the practice of Alchemical Acupuncture. Many of you have kindly requested that I make available some of the formative insights upon which I base much of what we discuss in our private sessions. It is in response to these requests that I am now offering seasonal messages, exercises and practices via daily emails. The plan is to send participating clients one inspirational and practical message each day for 30 days of each season.
It is my intention to make these daily emails accessible to anyone who feels the call to explore Spring within and in relation to Others. Since in Chinese Medicine, Spring corresponds to the Wood element, my Heart has decided to gift your contribution* for this 30-day Spring Immersion to Tree Sisters, an organization that shows its profound love for Gaia through planting trees all over the world.  If your heart calls you to reforest the tropics within the next 10 years to help reverse climate change, please make your contribution HERE and don’t forget to register below to receive the emails!
Mailings begin on April 1st,  please register by FRIDAY MARCH 30th.

*Note: In my view, the most important gift that you can offer to step into this journey is your commitment to paying attention to the ways in which Spring unravels in you. Donations are welcome but not a condition for you to join this exploration.  I trust that you will find other equally meaning-Full ways to make a gift to Mother Earth!

Thank you and looking forward!

Yamin L.Ac; Dpl. O.M