In Chinese Medicine, to learn about human nature we need to immerse ourselves in Nature. Each season offers a unique and integrative perspective on health and healing:

Spring/Wood: is the exploration of constructiveness, vision, possibility, rebirth and its shadow: destructive competition, stagnation, and hopeless anger.

Summer/Fire: is the exploration of emotional maturity, warmth, intimacy with self and others, consciousness, Heart space, and its shadow: encroachment, drama, anxiety and lack of inspiration.

Late Summer/Earth:  is the exploration of nourishment, community, digestion of food and “life”, intention and its shadow: repetitive thought patterns, worry, overthinking and insufficient movement or action.

Fall/Metal:  is the exploration of beauty, sensation, value, grief, loss, death and its shadow: perfectionism, zealotry, emotional coldness, obsessions and attachment to form.

Winter/Water: is the exploration of mystery, potential, silence, instinctual power, Wisdom, courage, and its shadow: jealousy, paralyzing fear, suspicion, addictive patterns and lack of drive.

Looking forward!
Yamin Chehin