circlesThe Way of Council is a storytelling practice that fosters attentive listening, authentic expression and creative spontaneity.  When we feel “seen” and “listened to”, we are much more inclined to use our authentic voices and to express our true feelings. The intention of this Council Circle for teens is to provide a safe and galvanizing space for the girls to understand the ways their personal stories weave into the collective story so they can learn from each other, support each others’ authenticity and co-create a vision of what it means to be a teen at this moment in time.

 The practice of Council is based on the exploration of the following five intentions:

~ Speaking from the Heart ~ Listening from the Heart  ~ Spontaneity  ~ Confidentiality  and  Leanness

As a framework to our Council gatherings, we will follow the wisdom of Mother Nature by way of exploring the meaning of the Four Seasons and the Four Directions in our body, mind and Spirit. We will invite themes such as:

Who am I in the world?

What’s my calling?

Relationship to and with my body

Friendship and longing for intimacy

Developing the skill of articulating “I feel” authentically

Media pressures around definitions of womanhood

And, as we say in Council, anything and everything else that serves the girls, the Circle, the community and the greater good.


Circle will meet every second Tuesday of the month from 6 to 7.30pm starting on Tuesday September 18th.

Location: 9034 Krueger St #C.  Culver City CA 90232

Suggested donation: $15

To be effective the circle needs a min enrollment of 5 participants and a max of 15.  To RSVP please fill out the form below or call 310-280-0438

Looking forward!

Yamin and Jessie

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