The book of Changes is the oldest of the Chinese classics and an invaluable ally when it comes to “looking inside” to find answers (or new questions!) to perceived problems.  Over my 20+ years of being in dialogue with the I Ching, I have learnt that this ancient text allows me the time and space to connect with my intuition and listen to visible and invisible help.  Even though, traditionally, it’s been referred to as a divination book, in my experience the I Ching helps me understand  the present conditions that gave rise to my question and the possible consequences that this perception could carry into the future.

Normally a session begins with a short meditation, a Qi Gong movement and or acupressure to help us align with your question.  You will cast the I Ching and I will help you explore the answers based on different translations in search for the one that truly resonates with your true self.  Herbal medicine and essential oils may follow the consultation.

May you be peaceful

Yamin L.Ac

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