I practice Acupuncture and Moxibustion coupled with Herbal medicine and  Chi Kung to help your body awaken its natural healing potential and wisdom.

I practice Japanese style Acupuncture, as transmitted by teacher Kiiko Matsumoto in which we follow a palpation sequence designed to provide instant feedback from you for us both to understand how well the treatment is working. It is this partnership that allows me to establish a diagnosis based on what your body informs me through touch.

I also practice Alchemical Acupuncture as transmitted by Taoist Teacher Dr Jeffrey Yuen. In my experience, the connections that patients establish during the acupuncture session both on the physical and soul levels, allow them to connect and interact with the wisdom of their inner Universe. This new awareness becomes a bridge for them to restore their bodies’ natural rhythm by shinning the light of insight and understanding into the nature of the present imbalance and its (sometimes) hidden potential for inner growth.

Thank you for your interest. May you have an inspiring day.

Yamin L.Ac Dipl O.M