Photo credit: Darwin Bell

Do you feel that the once bright light of “inner connection” between you and your partner has dimmed over the years?

Are you having the same tired, absurd disagreements that go nowhere?

Have your once vibrant passions dwindled in the face of the inevitable changes we experience as we grow older?

In this fast-paced life that we live, we all find it challenging at times to come back to the safe embrace of our relationship, to continue to dive into the revitalizing mystery of our togetherness….

Come join us for a rare opportunity to open up, deepen, and discover new levels of connection with your beloved through the practice of listening and speaking from the Heart.


Looking forward to our gathering!

Yamin and Alan

At the moment, our “Circle of Lovers” is closed.  Please fill out the below form if you are interested in forming a new group. Thank you for your interest!