How do we remember who we really are beyond the self-assigned labels and those handed down by the culture we live in?  How do we continue to find our own voices while opening to our partners, children and our community at large? What’s the gift that we carry in our breasts  and wombs now ready to be born?  It feels more than ever of essence to share our feelings, perceptions, struggles and questions with each other to awaken -alone and together- to what it means to be a full participant in life as a woman.

Council is an ancient way and modern practice that offers a way of communicating that encourages attentive listening, heartfelt expression and creative spontaneity.  The intention of our Council Circles  is to provide a safe and galvanizing space for us to explore and understand the different seasons that we may be going through as women: moon cycles, childbearing  years, peri-menopause and menopause.

This time, we will enter Fall Equinox together from the intimacy of our Breath. We will start with a guided Lung-meditation to help us connect with essence and self worth so as to be able to appreciate beauty and value around us.  We will invite vulnerability to lead us back to Heart Wisdom, and we will hold space to let go of that that has completed its cycle and is ready to “fall” and become compost to fertilize what awaits to become manifest.

When? September 20th, 2020 3 to 5.30pm PST

Where? Online gathering via Zoom

Space will be limited to 10 participants. No Council experience is needed; your readiness to bring yourself fully to the Circle is enough. Once you RSVP, I will send you the Zoom link.

As of September 12th, we have only one seat left. Register NOW

Looking forward to sitting in Council with you!