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Here is the audio for Tree “rootedness”…

or, if you prefer, here is an excerpt of the audio…

Back to your garden, a park or a forest!

Let a tree find you and then slow down your human pace and tune into tree slowness.  Stand in front of this being and let the bottom of your feet feel its roots.  The more you allow the tree to lead the journey, the heavier you will feel and the more rooted.  Root with the tree…

  • What does the trunk tell you about its roots?
  • Do you feel that this particular tree roots like to dive deep into the soil or do they prefer to hang out around the surface… or both?
  • Do you feel that the roots are well nourished to support the manifestation of this tree?  If so, what do you sense is the right nourishment for these roots?  If not, what do the roots need to fully support tree manifestation?
  • What do the branches tell you about this tree’s personality?  

             —Are they far reaching?

            — Do they intertwine with each other?

            —Is this a trunk tree with no branches, like a straight line towards the sun?

  • How do you think the surroundings influence the way this tree is?
  • Would this tree be a different tree if it was growing someplace else?
  • Can the tree keep its “roots”, its nature, regardless of the environment?

Enjoy Tree Space!

Yamin Chehin, Dipl O.M