Taoist Teacher Hua Ching Ni writes that “The generation of Golden Light creates an effective protection, mentally as well as spiritually and physically. The ‘Golden Light Invocation” is practiced to begin nurturing the golden light as your own protective power or energy transformation. When it becomes strong enough, it will be the best protection for you and for those who have not lost the ability to be spiritually receptive. After reading this invocation, inhale Golden Light into the area between the navel and the pubic bone, then visualize golden light surrounding your whole body”. It is advised to do this practice in the morning for 49 days.

The Golden Light Invocation

The mysterious origen of Heaven and Earth is the source of pure energy.

With this energy I can rectify imbalances and communicate with the entirety.

Within and without the three spheres of the universe only Tao is most revered.

From Tao I receive subtle Golden Light to envelop my body and my soul. It is so subtle that it can not be seen or heard.

The subtle Golden Light permeates Heaven, Earth and me. It nourishes and educates all life.

I utter this invocation with deep sincerity.

Spiritual being, guide me.

High deities of the five directions, assist me.

Divine immortals, kindly accept me.

The Golden Light enables me to transcend all worldly troubles.

I am given power over all evil forces.

Enlightenment comes through the divine immortals like thunder breaking through dark clouds; they inspire the clarity and wisdom to see through all obstacles.

My upright Qi is shinning and active.

May the jade marrow of Heaven fill my bones.

May the holy medicine of immortality grow within me.

May spiritual resources always reach me.

I truly know the Golden medicine of immortality that is colorless and flavorless.

After ten thousand repetitions of this invocation, all the wonderful secrets of supernatural beings will become self evident to me.

Jade emperor, Everlasting One of the Universe, may your Golden Light descend and guide me”

from “the Workbook for Spiritual Development of All People” by Hua-Ching Ni