Photo by  George Desipris

The Seventh Treasure helps us gain strength by creating internal pressure which in turn will awaken our internal strength. In this way, we exercise the potential of force to support our health and self discipline rather than using force to bring tension into our bodies and mind.

These movements use what we call “tendon energy”.  We “tighten the tendons” at the moment when a movement calls for extension; it may feel like a very pleasurable vibration coming from the lower Tan Tien and extending to the extremities.  The movements are rapid but well-coordinated and smooth. 

This Treasure is also called the “Tiger sequence”.  We work with the more active yang energies here simply by inviting the quick, active and yet relaxed movements of Tigers.  The recommendation is to make ourselves large and expansive without losing our center!


7.a. “Pushing down the Fierce Tiger”

7.b. “The Tiger Grabs its Prey”

7.c. “Clench the Teeth, Widen your Eyes and Strike in the Four Directions”

7.d. “The Tiger Gathers its Energy and Crouches”