How’s my alignment right now?


Where is my head in relation to my neck?

  • Is my head pressing back and down?
  •  Is my head tucked too far and in?
  • Does my jaw jut forward?
  • Is my chin compressed into my neck?

How does my head sit on top of my spine?

  • Is my head tilted to one side?
  • Is my head tilted when the rest of the body faces straight toward the mirror?

Upper torso

Where is my neck in relation to the rest of the spine?

  •  Is my neck jutting out in front of my body?
  • Is my neck pushed too far so that it is overly straight?
  • Is my neck tilted to one side?

What are my shoulders doing?

  • Are they hiked up towards the ears>
  • Are they rounded forward?
  • Are they pinched back?
  • Are they level?

What is happening in my chest and ribcage?

  •  Is my rib cage pulled too far forward?
  • Are my ribs sunken?
  • Are my ribs held up rigidly?

Lower Back

What is happening in my lower back?

  •  Is it overarched?
  • Is it overly flattened?

What is my stomach doing?

  • Is it sticking too far?
  • Am I sucking in too far?

How about my pelvis?

  • Is it tilted forward or back?
  • Is it twisted to one side?
  • Is one hip higher than the other?


  • Are my kneed braced back?
  • Are my knees unnecessarily bent?
  • Are my feet toed in, toed out or pointing straight forward?

Note: All you need for your self assessment is awareness.  Remember to be objective and non judgmental in your observations.


Yamin Chehin L.Ac; Dipl O.M