The 8 treasures is a unique style that was formally organized around 2,000 years ago and was transmitted by the Ni Family through an unbroken succession of 74 generations of Taoist masters. The form is comprised of 8 sets of movements and breathing techniques for the purpose of maintaining health and preventing disease.

The 32 individual movements of the 8 treasures resemble various aspects of nature. Names such as “The Dolphin’s Fins pat the water”, “The Tiger grabs its prey” and the “Great Bird spreads its Wings” illustrate the natural, creative movements of the exercises.

Regular practice of the 8 Treasures:

* strengthens and balances all aspects of your being

* clears energy blockages

* increases energy levels, flexibility, balance and motor function

* strengthens immunity

* improves circulation, digestion and respiratory function

* lowers blood pressure

* balances nervous system

* releases stress and tension

* increases awareness and mental clarity

* integrates body, mind, spirit

* balances the emotions

* develops a strong center, lightness of being and inner peace

* enhances Qi cultivation and longevity

* assists body’s innate healing powers

* prevents major and minor illness

As yo deepen your practice, you may also redirect the flow of vitality so that every muscle, nerve and organ is nourished and tonified…this will definitely make you look and feel more vital!

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