This is a simple recipe that will last you for the 9 days of your cleanse and will ensure bowel movement. You can add some berries or just have it plain!

What you will need: two 8 oz mason jars (or any other container of your choice), nut milk (almond, hemp, soy or any other nut milk that you like) and Chia seeds.

How to make your Chia Seed pudding:

  1. Ratio: 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds for every half cup of milk. You can play around with the measurements to find the consistency you like best.
  2. Mix the Chia seeds very well until they are incorporated into the milk. Check to make sure there are no clumps and don’t refrigerate it until it’s clump-free.
  3. Take one teaspoon of Chia seeds before bed. If along the course of the parasite cleanse you get constipated, you can dose up to a tablespoon before bed.


Yamin Chehin L.Ac