This Cleanse is powered by specific foods that you will eat and by nutritional supplements that will aid your organs during the Detox process.  This it is not a fast, nor is it a colon cleanse.  In the Assessment meeting I will give you a list of menus and dietary recommendations that best suit your constitutional needs.  You will enter a 1-week preliminary diet to gently begin reducing the toxic load so as to minimize possible side effects from the detox process itself such as constipation and headaches.

Below is a list of the nutritional supplements that you will be taking throughout the Cleanse. If you choose not to have solid foods during the Cleanse, all the above nutritional supplements will serve as meal replacements since they have all the nutritional value that you need on a daily basis.
You will have 2 shakes a day, one in the morning and one in the evening, using:

Detoxification Support Packets

The following supplements are crucial for preventing toxins from getting partially detoxified into more harmful compounds and then being dumped back into the bloodstream. Therefore, these packets are just as important to the success of this cleanse as is the dietary changes. Each packet contains:

Detox Antiox:   antioxidants to protect the cells from toxins
Lv-Gb Complex:   liver/gallbladder support
Amino-Detox:   prevents toxins from getting stuck in the body


A comprehensive functional food powder containing a plant-derived protein blend of pea protein isolate/rice protein and nutrients and herbs which fuel detoxification pathways and promote optimal liver function. It also contains a full multivitamin/mineral and antioxidant complex. PaleoCleanse is the backbone of nutritional support for the detoxifica­tion program.


A complete protein powder that may be used as a meal replacement. The nutrient combination in PaleoMeal is ideal for use within a detoxification program. It provides protein and minerals that are in greater demand while one is detoxifying, and helps to prevent muscle loss. It comes as either a whey (dairy) or plant-derived blend of pea protein isolate/rice protein (non-dairy) based formulation.


You will use Paleofiber to aid regularity as well as move toxins out of the gastrointestinal tract quickly.


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