The benefits of herbal infusions are extensive and

depend on each particular herbal blend. The

bottom line for all herbal infusions is that the

Plant-Being will release her Medicine in the way

of vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants… for

your nourishment and healing.

The difference between infusions and teas is that

the former are steeped for many hours, not just a

few minutes.

~How to~

  1. Place the herbs in a quart jar.
  2. Pour almost boiling water over the herbs and fill to the top. Lid and let sit overnight.
  3. Strain out the liquid, squeeze the plant material, thank the herbs and offer them back to the Earth in the way of compost.
  4. Use the liquid per my per my recommendations.
  5. Store the infusion in the fridge or freezer depending on the protocol I have asked you to follow.


Yamin Chehin L.Ac; Dipl O.M