Awakening Qi in the channels

Stimulate the flow of Qi, open the channels and relieve tensions so that Qi or Vital Force may flow more freely.

A. Swinging and Tapping the trunk

B. Tapping the trunk and arms

C. Tapping the back and legs

2. Loosening and Opening the joints to help Qi flow unimpeded

A. Turning the neck

B. Turning the shoulders/ribcage

C. Turning the elbows and shoulders (optional)

D. Turning the wrists (optional)

E. Turning the waist and trunk

F. Turning the hips and pelvis

G. Turning the knees

H. Turning the ankles

I. Shaking the whole body

Recommended Materials

1. The Eight Treasures Energy Enhancement Exercises by Dr. Maoshing Ni
2. The Eight Treasures VHS or DVD
3. Mastering Qi: strength from Movement by Hua-Ching Ni

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