For some time, you and I have been promoting our mutual health and well-being through the practice of Alchemical Acupuncture. Many of you have kindly requested that I make available some of the formative insights upon which I base much of what we discuss in our private sessions.

It is in response to these requests that I am now offering seasonal messages, exercises and practices via daily readings. The plan is for you to access a page where you will find one inspirational and practical message each day for 30 days of each season.

We will step into Fall together on September 20th by reading Day 1 of the 30-day invitations. On Saturday October 9th, we will meet on Zoom for 1 hour to check in with each other about how we are journeying the Season thus far. We will have another online gathering on Saturday October 23rd to share our experience of the almost 30-day journey. Zoom call times will be announced later.

The cost

In the spirit of reciprocity we require a contribution of your choosing for this offering. Our suggested donation is $35 – $45, however it’s up to you to decide the amount that is comfortable for you at this time. You can make your contribution by Venmo, Zelle or write a check payable to Healing Cycles and mailed to 6344 Lorca Dr. San Diego, CA 92115