Chi KungTiger series from yamin chehin on Vimeo.

Step by step movement description and invitation

  1. Soothing the Tiger

Connect with habit energy in you from an open, gentle place… from Heart space

  1. The tiger grabs its prey

The “prey” is your habit energy.  The invitation is to “grab it” and observe it without judgment but rather with curiosity.

The momentum of this movement comes from pushing up from the feet and legs, with the energy directed through the waist/ Tan tien into the arms and fingers.  We can practice with either a gentle or a coarse projection of chi.  Pay attention to your mood the day of practice and decide which form can be the most beneficial.  Continuous practice should evolve into a gentle type of movement instead of a rough expression of chi.

  1. Clench the teeth, widen the eyes and strike to the four directions

 In this movement, the waist is the leader that transmits the force from the legs out into the arms. Think of the instantaneous coiling and uncoiling of a snake when it strikes – that is like the expansion and release through this movement.

This movement is very good for draining off and transforming negative chi into more refined energy that can be used constructively for your health and well being.

  1. The tiger gathers its energy and crouches

 This movement gives us the opportunity to gather our energy and store it in the area between the navel and the pubic bone.  Think of all the refined energy now available to you since you are not sending shipments of Chi to feed habit energy.  You become fertile soil to give birth to a new dream, a baby and or a new perspective into an old point of view!

As for the movement itself, make sure to tighten your pelvic floor muscles each time you store Energy in your pelvic area.

Enjoy it!