The Eighth Treasure brings our attention to the relationship and inner connections between our core (Tan Tien) and our legs and arms. Many of the movements for this Treasure will ask you to explore and exercise your inner (and outer!) equilibrium. To keep your balance, I remind you to engage your Tan Tien by imagining invisible threads rising form your abdomen and attached to your extremities.

There will be lots of stretching opportunities in this Treasure; take your time and hold the stretch for a few breaths.

Enjoy Crane teachings about balance, gracefulness and the power of a strong and yet supple foundation!

The Movements

8.a. The White Crane Washes its Wing Feathers

8.b. “The White Crane Turns its Head and Looks up”

8.c. The White Crane Twists its Body to Look up”

8.d. “The White Crane Sharpens its Beak”

8.f. “The White Crane Strengthens its Vital Force”

8.g. “The White Crane Stretches its Leg behind and Forward” (Part 1)

8.g. “The White Crane Stretches its Leg Behind and Forward” (Part 2)

8.h. “The White Crane Guards the Plum Flower Proudly Standing Alone on the Cold Mountain

8.i. “The White Crane Limbers its Wings” (Part 1)

8.j. “The White Crane Limbers its Wings” (Part 2)

8.k. “The Dragon Flies Throughout the Heavens”