1. I will be wearing a surgical mask at all times, and I will actively disinfect the office, especially door knobs, prior to your arrival and after your departure. The format and furnishings of the rooms have been modified to be able to clean the treatment tables thoroughly between patients.
  2. When you arrive in the office, please wash your hands or use the hand sanitizer on the secretary’s desk in the LA office and on the patio table in the San Diego office.
  3. If you have any respiratory imbalance, please do not come in for an in-person treatment but make a Tele-Health appointment. I will assess the situation and make supplement and herbal medicine recommendations based on your symptoms.
  4. For reasons of safety and sanitation, I will no longer provide gowns or towels for your visit. Please, come to your visit with comfortable and acupuncture friendly clothes and/or bring a towel/ blanket for me to cover you during the treatment.
  5. Parking: For those of you coming to the Los Angeles office, remember that parking is $9 in the building’s parking lot on weekdays and free on Sundays. If you choose street parking, I recommend that you park on La Grange and enter the building through the side door on that same street; that way you will avoid most people entering the building who use the main entrance on Barrington Ave.


At the end of our remote visit, my office assistant Tara Wells will send you an invoice with a link to pay via debit or credit card. Let us know if you’d like to place your card on file for future visits; otherwise upon receiving your e-invoice you will see a link to pay via Venmo, Debit or Credit card.

Note: Herbal formulas and supplements will not ship until our office receives your payment in full.

Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility as we navigate this most unusual time!

To your Health!

Yamin Chehin L.Ac; Dipl O.M