In this session we practice all five movements of the First Treasure and we explore the first four movements of the Second Treasure:

2.a.”The Great Bird spreads its Wings”

2.b. “Drawing the Bow” or “The Archer”

2.c. “The Unicorn turns its head to look at the moon”, parts 1 and 2

2.d. “Drawing the precious sword”

“Before sorrow, anger, longing or fear have arisen,

you are in the center.

When the emotions appear

and you know how to see through them,

you are in harmony.

That center is the root of the universe;

that harmony is the Tao,

which reaches out to all things.

Once you find the center

and achieve harmony,

heaven and earth take their proper places

and all things are fully nourished”

The Second Book of the Tao. Page 4. Adapted by Stephen Mitchell.

Class 15 audio