Posture problems and muscle tension are almost always the result of habitual interference with ordinary movement which more often than not results in Neck and Back pain.

In these sessions, you will participate in a professionally selected combination of movements based on the Alexander Technique, Floor Barre and Qi Gong, to release back, sciatica and neck pain and reduce the potential for re-injury and strain. I will also help you select comfortable and efficient movements that will allow you to put an end to harmful habits that give rise to pain.

Through the Alexander Technique as the bottom line of the physical program, you will develop the skill to self-correct/assess structural imbalances arising from the most varied types of tasks: sports, daily chores and working and studying routines to name just a few.

The main goal of these sessions is to help you re-organize your body for better postural integrity so as to refine, potentate and re-discover how each part of your body is engaged in every movement.
This new awareness will let you know when you are back into your old habitual patterns which more often than not are the real “pain in the neck”.



Thank you!

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