“During an Acupuncture treatment for the Liver, the following experience occurred:

After all of the needles had been properly positioned and inserted by Yamin; the Acupuncture treatment was ready to begin. The door to the treatment room was closed and I was left in the quite and comfortable room, concentrating on my breathing to help in further relaxation.

After a couple of minutes of relaxing, I began to feel a sensation like that of a small electrical current beginning to flow from the bottom of my left foot, up my left side and left arm, over to my right arm, then traveling in a downward flow to the bottom of my right foot.  This sensation continued for several minutes then the flow suddenly felt as if a dam was breaking and very strong and surging flow began.  This flow however was not electrical in feeling it was more like a current of warm water (energy) was flowing through my body in a completed circuit.  This flow continued strongly for ten to fifteen minutes then gradually slowed down it’s intensity until it finally stopped, at which time a massaging action very briefly occurred.

From the dictionary: Ch’i literally means “air” or “breath,” but as a concept it refers to the energy flow or life force that is said to pervade all things.

This was one of the first of my adventures with Acupuncture treatment, and I believe this experience was with the Ch’i in my body and that although an unexpected sensation; it was pleasant and hopefully beneficial to the improvement of my body functions”


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