stained-glass-Maribeth Sanders
Photo credit: Maribeth Sanders

We live in a world in which the Future seems to be the preferred direction and the Past the default place to get stuck.  However, Nature lives in cycles that give birth to each other and that in so doing creates and transforms all living beings.  Healing Cycles is a bridge, a passageway for you  to enter, connect and interact with the Wisdom of your Inner Universe in its transformative nature inherited directly from Mother Earth. To that end, I will draw from the expansive Ocean of Wisdom embraced by Chinese Medicine.  You and I will partner up in restoring your body’s natural rhythm by shinning the light of insight and understanding into the nature of the present imbalance and its (sometimes) hidden potential for inner growth.

Thank you for your interest. May you have an inspiring day!

Yamin Chehin, Lac. Dipl.OM