This May Healing Cycles and Living Tea once again join forces and invite you to enter Spring Vitality through The Five Elements of Life and in the healing hands of the valley of Telluride in Colorado.

The Five Elements philosophy and practice is a powerful compass to navigate the different seasons in Nature and in Life. In this retreat we invite you to embody this living compass through the practice of Qi Gong, Meditation, Tea Ceremony and Council with Nature, with yourself and with each other.

For Spring 2022, special emphasis is placed on the element of Wood and cultivating true vitality. We will invite you to engage your Visionary-self to (re)connect, (re)discover and (re)imagine your life’s purpose and direction. Through specific cultivation practices (Qi Gong, the Way of Tea, Meditation and Nutrition ) we will call in the medicine of each of the Five Elements to help you connect with your deepest dreams so you can then go out and do the necessary work to turn possibility into reality.

To find out more and to sign up please visit Living Tea or contact me directly.

Looking forward to being with you

Yamin Chehin L.Ac; Dipl O.M